Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get Down 'n Dirty w/The Muddy Reds Dec 8th @ The Viper Room!

Come join me this Tuesday, December 8th at The Viper Room on Sunset to see my favorite local band, The Muddy Reds, put on what is sure to be yet another kick ass show. Their set is at 8pm & tickets are only $8 each with a printed copy of this flyer:

All you need to remember is the number 8! 12/8 at 8pm for only $8!

To get an idea of what genre of music The Muddy Reds kinda fall into, think The Black Keys with 5 members playing 5 instruments instead of only 2 members playing 2. I've been to 3 of their shows in less than 2 months & they've killed it every time. The Muddy Reds put on a musically creative & fantastically fun show where you just can't help but dance.

P.S. One more reason you should definitely go to the Viper Room this Tuesday 12/8 at 8pm (as if you need any more reasons): 


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