Friday, January 30, 2015

$inmypocket by K. Raydio x Psymun - BONUS Track from Lucid Dreaming Skylines

Every time I listen to Aaron Byrd's Thursday night/Friday morning (12am-3pm) broadcast on KCRW 89.9 FM, it's like I'm being musically enlightened. Aaron's show truly is "a global exploration of sounds" & it is glorious.

My favorite discovery from Aaron's show last night is this bonus track from the K. Raydio x Psymun album Lucid Dreaming Skylines. The song is called $inmypocket & it's a super sexy, sweet 'n short jam. You might need to put it on repeat!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

10,000 Emerald Pools by BØRNS

When I first heard 10,000 Emerald Pools on a friend's Spotify playlist in late December, I was convinced the lead singer was a chick but, when I saw BØRNS perform on Conan a few weeks later, I discovered the singer is actually a dude! His name is Garrett Borns, he apparently lives in a treehouse & he's kinda blowin' up right now. Thanks for the recommendation, Darin!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anna by Will Butler - NEW SONG & Official Video!

My infatuation of the evening is the half-animated, super groovy, brand spankin' new, official music video for the 2nd single off Will Butler of Arcade Fire's upcoming new solo album Policy. The album drops via Merge Records on March 10th &, thanks to this new track & video, I'm now VERY eagerly awaiting its arrival! The 1st single Take My Side sparked my interest a couple months ago but Anna is my JAM!

If you're a member of Arcade Fire PLUS Win Butler's brother & Régine Chassagne's brother-in-law (as Will Butler is), there's a good chance you're a talented dude! So far, so good, Will!!

My 1 complaint is Will has not yet announced an LA tour date :-/

3/6 Boston, MA // TT the Bear's // BUY TIX
3/7 Brooklyn, NY // Baby's All Right // BUY TIX
3/12 Pittsburgh, PA // Brillobox // BUY TIX
3/13 Philadelphia, PA // Boot & Saddle // BUY TIX
3/14 Washington, DC // Rock & Roll Hotel //BUY TIX
3/15 Durham, NC // The Pinhook // BUY TIX
3/16 Atlanta, GA // The Earl // BUY TIX
3/18 - 3/21 Austin, TX // SXSW
3/24 Bloomington, IN // The Bishop // BUY TIX
3/26 Grand Rapids, MI // Calvin College
3/27 Toronto, ON // Horseshoe Tavern // BUY TIX
3/28 Montreal, QC // Bar Le Ritz PDB // BUY TIX

The Night We Met by Lord Huron - The 1ST NEW Single from STRANGE TRAILS

Lord Huron (aka singer/songwriter Ben Schneider) has released the soothingly beautiful 1st single from his upcoming sophomore album Strange Trails

The new album's release date is still TBD but, if you subscribe to the Strange Trails newsletter HERE, you will immediately receive an Email containing a free download of The Night We Met. I recommend you take advantage of this special Wednesday afternoon treat right NOW!

I don't expect this unauthorized video to remain up very long but, for now, you can also listen to the track below:

Finally, check out the groovy, new album teaser that was released just last week:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hearts Racing by The Bones of J.R. Jones - Live at The Spindle Room

I can't thank my dear, fellow music-loving friend, Rachel, enough for including Hearts Racing by The Bones of J.R. Jones (aka J.R. Linaberry) on her magnificently well-curated best of 2014 Spotify playlist! It's such a simple, sweet song that truly does make your heart beat a little bit faster!

Although I, unfortunately, can't make it, I can encourage everyone to go see The Bones of J.R. Jones' FREE SHOW at Silverlake Lounge on Sunday, February 8th!! For more information, click HERE!

P.S. J.R.'s video below (which he posted over 9 months ago!) deserves about 10 million more views! I've given it 5 new views just today!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dreamin' by Wax - NEW Official Music Video

Just this morning, Wax released the brand new, official music video for his hit single Dreamin', the 1st track off his 2013 album Continue

The Pedro D. Flores-directed video features Wax on a fast-paced, tripped-out, aggressive sleepwalk through Downtown Los Angeles. 

Step into Wax (& Pedro's) twisted subconscious below!

No More Love Songs was the 1st song I ever heard Wax perform live when I saw him play On The Rox in Hollywood in January 2010 & it's still such a good one:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Caravan By Juan Tizol (As Featured in the INCREDIBLE 2014 Film WHIPLASH)

Yesterday afternoon, George & I continued our Best Picture 2015 Oscar nominee homework by seeing Whiplash at The Landmark in West LA. We've seen 4 Best Picture-nominated films in the past 10 days (with only Selma & The Theory of Everything left to go before the 2/22 awards ceremony) & my current rankings of the 6 films I've seen so far are as follows:

1 - The Grand Budapest Hotel
2 - Whiplash (which is DANGEROUSLY close to #1 because it was SO incredibly good!)
3 - American Sniper
4 - Birdman
5 - The Imitation Game
6 - Boyhood

Whiplash is absolutely stunning...and a lot bloodier than expected! The music, the acting, the directing, the writing, the plot & the nonstop intensity are all pure perfection. J.K. Simmons & Miles Teller are both brilliant. How Miles Teller didn't receive a Best Actor nomination is beyond me! Do yourself a favor & go see Whiplash immediately!!

Per Wikipedia, "Caravan is a jazz standard composed by Juan Tizol and first performed by Duke Ellington in 1936. Irving Mills wrote seldom performed lyrics. Its exotic sound interested exotica musicians; Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman & Gordon Jenkins all covered it. Woody Allen used the song in two of his films, Alice & Sweet and Lowdown. The song is also heavily featured in the 2014 film Whiplash as an important plot element. The Mills Brothers recorded an a cappella version, making the instruments' sounds with their voices. There are more than three hundred and fifty recordings of this song by Duke Ellington's orchestra, the great majority of them now in the public domain."