Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OM at Zanzibar in Santa Monica - 12/9/09

Last Wednesday was the 2nd Wednesday of December. For months, I'd been telling my friend Aaron Byrd (who has his own show on KCRW Fridays 12-3am) that I would come check out OM at Zanzibar in Santa Monica but, for one reason or another, I was never quite able to make it...until last week. I'm SO happy I finally went!

After showing up kinda late & unfortunately missing Aaron's set, I just assumed I'd be hearing DJ Itai play cool, dance music from around the globe the rest of the night. When I walked in, DJ Itai was spinning a bunch of familiar, old-school tracks that weren't necessarily multi-cultural but they were definitely fun. Then, to my surprise, a band started setting up on stage. I didn't know there was going to be live music. 

L'Esprit d'Afrique began their set around midnight & had my full attention within seconds. There were more band members on stage & more instruments (i.e. drums, trumpet, flute & saxophone) being played than I could count! The 1st couple songs were upbeat, sexy, Latin-sounding tracks that immediately drew me in. I loved all the drums & the beautiful combination of male & female vocalists. Every musician on stage was full of energy & just oozing charisma & I was feeling this way about L'Esprit even before the dancing...

After a few songs, all the percussionists came down in front of the stage carrying their drums. The 3 women in the group, who were all wearing white, also came down to the floor &, suddenly, the drummers started drumming like crazy & the girls started dancing like madwomen. The ladies' dance style was very African/Brazilian/Cuban salsa-esque. They'd each take turns in the middle of the floor just going off & then they'd mix it up with a bunch of cool synchronized segments. 

Once that titillating number was over, everyone went back up on stage to do another song. Then this one dancer/singer Erica (who I was told is one of best salsa dancers in LA) came down to the floor again with one of the male vocalists accompanying her & they proceeded to perform an incredible salsa/tango number that was super hot. The crowd couldn't get enough. It was awesome.

This video certainly doesn't do L'Esprit d'Afrique justice but it will give you an idea of what went down when the 3 girls in the band 1st hit the floor:

Join me for the next OM on Wednesday, January 13th 2010!!!

OM - The 2nd Wednesday of every month
Grooves, beats and pieces with DJ ITAI and AARON BYRD (KCRW)
Afrobeat + Latin Dub + Brasilian + House + Broken Beat + Dancehall
9pm-2am - Drink specials before 10pm -  $10 cover (but worth so much more!)
Plus house band, L'Esprit d'Afrique (pan African dance/music group)

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