Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stellastarr* & Transfer at Spaceland - 12/5/09

I'm a planner. My friends & family might even tell you I'm a little bit OCD. Actually, I'll tell you I'm a little bit OCD...at least when it comes to planning fun activities. One of my favorite activities to plan is a concert outing. Whenever possible, I'll buy my tickets to a show the moment the pre-sale begins. If I know I want to go to a show, I just know, but despite my best efforts to plan every concert months in advance, occasionally, a completely spontaneous concert opportunity presents itself & I rarely turn it down.

That is what happened on Saturday night when I went with my friends Darin & Tom to see stellastarr* & Transfer at Spaceland on Silverlake Boulevard in Los Angeles. We were driving back from the USC game when they were telling me about the show they were going to later that evening. I had never heard of stellastarr* or Transfer before but the guys had an extra ticket that only cost $15 & I'd still never been to Spaceland so there was little holding me back. Tom had bought his tickets a while ago after having seen stellastarr* a few times already so the mere fact he was stoked gave me confidence the show would at least be decent. If anything, it'd be a fun, Saturday night out.

Transfer opened for stellastarr* & seriously impressed me. I didn't even know this San Diego-based band's name until after their set was over but that didn't keep me from getting really into their music. These guys just rocked out big time, got all sweaty & captivated the audience, including me. First thing Sunday morning, I listened to a few tracks off Transfer's new album
Future Selves & really liked what I heard. I hope I get another chance to see them perform! http://www.myspace.com/transferband

stellastarr* was Saturday night's headlining act &, for only hearing of them for the 1st time a few hours prior, I had blast at their show! I like that 3 of the 4 members of the band (which consists of 3 guys & 1 girl) contributes to vocals & the only member who doesn't sing, Arthur Kremer, plays both drums & keyboard. I appreciate multi-talented musicians who offer a wide range of variety on stage. Each member of stellastarr* was a vital component to their successful performance Saturday night.

Spaceland is a small, laid-back venue with great acoustics & a decent view of the stage from just about any spot inside the club. I definitely will be going back.


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