Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black Lips @ El Rey Theater in LA - 1/23/10

Last Saturday night, my good friend Bobby & I celebrated our January birthdays together by going to see Black Lips at the El Rey Theater (my FAVORITE indoor venue in Los Angeles). We were supposed to go camping at Joshua Tree instead & I was planning to sell my tickets to someone off Craigslist but, due to the bad weather all last week, we postponed our camping adventure to this coming weekend. Bob & I went to the show & it all worked out!

Black Lips are infamous for their wild stage antics. They're so extreme they've been banned from the entire country of India for being too offensive. I'll admit I was expecting to see some crazy sh*t. Things didn't get quite as weird as I was hoping they would but the show was still a blast. I may not have seen any male nudity & the band members may not have made out with each other (just a few examples of strange things they've been known to do) but Black Lips still put on really fun show & the crowd got super rowdy. I've never seen so much crowd surfing at the El Rey!

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