Monday, January 18, 2010

GZA @ The Echoplex - 1/15/10

I wanted to do a post about how amazing GZA (of Wu-Tang Clan fame) was at The Echoplex last Friday night but, unfortunately, I wouldn't know because I never actually saw GZA perform! I arrived at the venue ~9:00pm (the official show start time was 8:30pm) &, by 12:20am, there was still no sign of the headliner. Apparently, GZA finally graced the audience with his presence at 12:30am. This must've been only a few moments after my concert buddy & I gave up & went home. GZA did an hour set & I hear it was good but I don't regret leaving because I don't appreciate being forced to wait 4 hours for the main act.

Sidenote: I'd never been to The Echoplex before last Friday Night. I thought it was a really cool venue & I want to go back soon for one of their weekly Wednesday night Dub Club events! I've heard nothing but good things so who's coming with me??

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