Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yeasayer & Warpaint @ The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles - 2/5/10

Last night, my friend Darin & I attended the 2nd 2010 First Fridays event at The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Since we both had recent birthdays, it was our birthday celebration show & it was AMAZING! 

I must admit, for a while there, I didn't think we were going to get into the North American Mammal Hall where Warpaint & Yeasa
yer were performing but, luckily, we were patient, we had a tasty Ketel One & Sunkist cocktail I managed to smuggle into the museum & we had entertaining company in line. It took a LONG time but, after about an hour of winding our way through the museum, we were finally admitted into the main room & we only missed Warpaint's 1st song. I could barely believe we got in but I am SO grateful we did!

I'd never heard of Warpaint before last night. These hot r
ocker chicks were definitely a pleasant surprise:

Then there was Yeasayer. They were unbelievable. I tried to get a few good video clips & decent photos but there was a very tall girl with a very high bun standing right in front of me so she kinda messed up my documentation. In retrospect though, that tall chick with the high hair actually did me a favor. I'm glad I wasn't distracted trying to get a bunch of cool footage with my crappy little camera. It let me focus on my dancing :-)

After opening their set with the eerie 1st track The Children from their latest album Odd Blood, Yeasayer played all my favorite songs including
Tightrope, Sunrise & Ambling Alp:

Yeasayer's set was a little over an hour &, in that short time, I'm pretty sure they played every song off their new album. Every person in the crowd was totally entranced & The North American Mammal Hall, filled with trippy dioramas of mountain goats, moose & bison, was the perfect setting for Yeasayer's wild dance party.

The 2 songs that just made every person in the audience go crazy dancing were 


We braved an intense storm & an hour-long line & we were rewarded :-)

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