Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ODDSAC Screening @ The ArcLight in Hollywood - 3/22/10

Last night, while I was sitting inside the Hollywood ArcLight’s Cinerama Dome waiting for ODDSAC (the new visual album by Animal Collective & director Danny Perez) to begin, I laughed when I overheard one usher say to another usher, “This is a weird event, man.” I couldn't have put it better myself.

I went into the screening of ODDSAC with no idea what to expect & the great thing about that is, if you don't really know what to expect, you can never be too disappointed. Luckily, I was far from disappointed. ODDSAC blew my mind! Animal Collective's unique & original music combined with Danny Perez's super intense imagery made me feel as though I was hypnotized for 54 minutes.

After the film, Danny Perez & 3 of the 4 members of Animal Collective (Noah Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear was the only one missing) conducted a 20 minute Q&A session that was extremely interesting. It was really cool hearing the artists go into detail about how this psychdelic visual album came to be. Sometimes the music came before the imagery &, other times, the imagery came before the music. It took 4 years for Perez & Animal Collective to finish making ODDSAC. They say the name of the movie stemmed from a joke they had about an oddly shaped sack of candy but they also just liked how the 6 letters looked together all in caps so, if you're searching for a deeper meaning in the title, you're probably not going to find it.

On my way out of the ArcLight, I managed to run up to Animal Collective & say hello to Brian Weitz a.k.a. Geologist. I told him I've seen Animal Collective live twice & can't wait to see them again. I also gave him one of my blog business cards & let him know I'd be blogging about how much I loved the movie. I'm sure he'll check it out :-)

I can't guarantee that everyone who sees ODDSAC will enjoy it as much as I did but, if you like Animal Collective &/or you're just open to weird, new things, it's definitely worth watching.

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