Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pointer Sisters @ The Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose - 3/13/10

After spending the entire weekend of March 6th singing along to multiple Huey Lewis & The News albums in anticipation of Huey's performance at the 44th Annual Golden Circle black tie charity event in San Jose, my father Frank & I were probably the two most disappointed people to learn that Huey canceled his show (due to "illness") only 48 short hours before the event was set to begin.

I grew up on Huey Lewis' music. My dad has been a huge Huey fan for as long as I can remember. Huey's music was always what we listened to together when we had to compromise between my desire to listen to Paula Abdul & my dad's desire to listen to baseball games on the radio. Huey's hits included such classic tracks as The Power of Love, Hip to Be Square, The Heart of Rock 'N Roll, I Want a New Drug & Workin' for a Livin'. I have always loved Huey Lewis but now I love him a little bit less. It was NOT cool to bail on Golden Circle &, even more importantly, it was not cool to bail on my dad.

Santa Clara University's Board of Fellows hosts the annual Golden Circle fundraiser every year &, this year, my father was President of the Board. He was looking forward to March 13, 2010 for almost 2 years & I could not wait to be a part of my dad's big night. It made me extremely proud to witness my father giving the opening speech at the Center for the Performing Arts in front of a crowd of over 1900 people. I've been to many Golden Circle events over the years & never have a seen such an unforgettable start to the evening:

Fortunately, no one was about to let Huey Lewis' flakiness ruin our fabulous evening &, luckily for all the Golden Circle attendees, the beautiful & talented Pointer Sisters were willing to step up to the plate & fill in for Huey at the very last minute. The Pointer Sisters were fun, energetic & oozing charisma on stage. After an awesome rendition of I'm So Excited, the Sisters even managed to get the generally "stiff" older Golden Circle crowd on their feet dancing & singing along to Jump (for My Love).

In the end, I think the Golden Circle crowd enjoyed watching the three healthy Pointer Sisters tear up the stage while belting out all of their unforgettable tunes far more than they would have enjoyed watching a sickly Huey Lewis do a half-ass job all by himself. I know I sure did!

Even Sal Pizarro of the San Jose Mercury News agrees:

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