Thursday, May 6, 2010

Broken Social Scene @ The Fonda - 5/3/10

On Monday night, Broken Social Scene played at The Music Box in Hollywood (better known simply as "The Fonda") & they kicked some serious ass. After a super fun Downtown LA preparty, 3 of my favorite concert buddies & I arrived at The Fonda just as BSS was opening their 2 hour & 10 minute set (they ran 40 minutes over schedule). BSS had an average of 10 people on stage at any given moment (I counted) & all the performers were perfectly in sync. They were like a jam band rock symphony. My buddy Collin echoed my own sentiments exactly when he said, "There's something about 5 electric guitars playing at once that I just love." A 5 piece brass section didn't hurt either. Occasionally, there was even a violinist in the mix & the violin always adds a touch of class. 
Other highlights included the fantastic lighting (always a crucial component) & frontman Kevin Drew who immediately won me over with his easygoing, charismatic demeanor. In between songs, he light-heartedly joked around with the crowd spouting little pearls of wisdom like "Enjoy your life" & "Good luck. You know what you gotta do. You don't want to do it...but you gotta."

I cannot wait to see Broken Social Scene again in only 3 short weeks at Sasquatch! I can only imagine how epic their Saturday afternoon set will be on the main stage at The Gorge!

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