Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Mix by DJ PZB!

From my good friend DJ PZB (a.k.a. Josh Brooks) himself - "Time for something kind of different. I got inspired by this guy Burns and his compilation Euro Sex. Its pretty Cool you should check it out. I was listening to his mix and I wanted to do something similar. I tried to pick as many songs not from the compilation as I could but some were just too good to leave out. I love the Sha Shtill! Track mid-way through. Also Deadmau5 threw this kid Skrillex up on facebook yesterday and I gotta say this is some kick as shit. OH and Tellyfoam is another track that I absolutely love. Anyway enjoy listening..."

1 comment:

  1. Here is a track list:
    1. Epilogue - Original Mix -- Burns
    2. New Jack House feat. Jon-E - Original Mix -- Dexpistols
    3.Faces'Uch --Popof
    4. Don't Go - Original Mix -- PUZIQUe
    5, Tellyfoam - Original Mix -- Jan Driver
    6. I Feel Love feat. Wynter Gordon - Goodwill & Hook N Sling Remix -- Rhythm Masters, MYNC, Wynter Gordon
    7. Vump Sha! Shtill! - L-Vis 1990 Remix -- Gucci
    8. Peanuts Club - BeatauCue Remix -- Brodinski, Noob
    9. Yeah, Techno! Soulwax Mix - Soulwax Mix -- Paul Chambers
    10. Heavy Cross - Burns Remix Gossip 11. Air Breaks (Original Club Mix) -- Koen Groeneveld
    12. If You Came Here - Original Mix -- Tony Senghore
    13. Do Da Oliphant -- Skrillex 14. With You Friends -- Skrillex 15. Ski Hard feat. Christian Rich - Original Mix -- Armand Van Helden, Christian Rich
    16. Show Me The Night - Original Mix -- Burns