Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tame Impala @ Silverlake Lounge - 6/29/10

It's a rare occasion when you get to see a new band play a small venue at the very beginning of their soon-to-be super successful career. It's an honor & a privilege...especially when the band turns out to be really awesome live. I was lucky enough to see Tame Impala (a band Grizzly Bear was recommending on their Facebook page only a few short weeks ago) play at Silverlake Lounge last night & I am certain they're going to become a pretty big deal. They were fantastic. 
Despite my height & view disadvantages (I couldn't get any decent footage of my own so I stole the below video off Youtube), I still enjoyed every second of Tame Impala's set. The band played 2 shows in the same evening (one at 7pm & one at 10pm) so, when I was unable to snag tickets to the 10 o'clock show because it was already sold out, I settled for the 7pm set. It was a little strange walking into a live music venue before it was even dark outside but, once I got inside, it didn't matter what time it was. I was too into the music to notice the difference! I can guarantee Tame Impala will be playing more shows in more places very soon so, if you ever get the chance to check them out, definitely do it!

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  1. lauren, you are so fuckin cool. so, is this what you do at work all day long?