Friday, September 24, 2010

Menomena & Suckers @ El Rey Theatre - 9/16/10

A long time ago, my buddy sent me a music video about an adorable, hard-working, little bumblebee that was trapped in the assembly line of a factory run by evil black birds. The video was inventive & thought-provoking while the song accompanying it was beautiful & unique. For years, the only thing I knew about Menomena was that I totally dug the music video for the track Evil Bee off their 2007 album Friend and Foe

Then, in early August, I was hanging out at another friend's apartment in Venice Beach when I heard the song Dirty Cartoons off Menomena's latest album Mines (released 7/26/10). I was so enthralled with Dirty Cartoons that I made my friend let me listen to it for a 2nd time right away. I then hurried home to download the entire album (illegally, of course) & became 100% obsessed.

That same day, I purchased tickets to see Menomena at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on 9/16/10 & it wasn't until only about a week before the show that I realized another band I only recently discovered, Suckers, would be opening for my favorite indoor venue in LA no less! I would've paid to see Suckers separately if the opportunity presented itself so the fact that I got to see 2 bands I really liked for the price of 1 just made the entire experience that much sweeter!

Both Suckers & Menomena MAJORLY impressed me last Thursday night. If you haven't heard of Suckers, you need to look them up & check them out asap. They put on a hell of a live show. As for Menomena, all I can say is, whether you know them or not, if you saw them live, you'd be hooked IMMEDIATELY. Every guy in the band sings & they all play multiple instruments. You know you're in for a treat when the lead singer/guitarist puts down his guitar & picks up a saxophone.

SUCKERS - I love how the lead singer flails around while he sings. It's so cute :-)


MENOMENA - Dirty Cartoons




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