Thursday, September 2, 2010

UltraLove @ Harvelle's - 9/1/10

Harvelle's is my favorite local music venue in Los Angeles. It's the place I always bring out of town guests because every person I bring there f*ckin LOVES it. Every time I go to Harvelle's, I discover a new fabulous artist I generally haven't heard of before. Tonight was no exception. I went to Harvelle's on a Wednesday night (which is more commonly a veg-on-the-couch night) to see my good friend from UCLA, Adam Berg, play keyboard. It wasn't until I walked into the bar that I realized Berg was backing a charismatic, groovy singer named UltraLove. UltraLove & his 6-piece band blew my socks off (metaphorically, of course, since I was wearing sandals).

Starting September 13th, Harvelle's is the place to be EVERY Monday night. On 9/13, UltraLove begins his weekly residency gig at the coolest bar in town. I promise you will be rewarded for rallying to go out dancing on a Monday night!

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