Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lykke Li @ El Rey Theatre - 3/9/11

When one of my most trusted concert buddies asked me on Tuesday if I'd be down to try snagging some last minute tickets to the sold out Lykke Li show at the El Rey Theatre on Wednesday, I did not hesitate to immediately cancel my Wednesday night plans & dedicate myself to tracking down tickets...ideally costing no more than $50-60 per ticket despite the fact evil Craigslist scalpers were trying to sell the $35-40 face value tickets for as much as $90-100 a pop.

It was a close call but, after spending all of Wednesday sending Emails to strangers begging them to sell their tickets for less money & even posting our own Craigslist ads trying to be witty & cute in the hopes someone would take pity on us, we got SUPER lucky around 5:30pm when we found a kind-hearted dude who was willing to sell us 2 tickets for $110 total if we'd just pick them up in Venice Beach. By 7pm, we had our tickets in hand & were finally able to relax.

I had been planning on wearing the shortest skirt I owned in order to work the corner outside the venue looking for tickets so I was relieved to no longer have to worry about that. I still ended up wearing a short skirt though just because Lykke is always sporting short shorts or no pants at all & I thought it'd be appropriate :-)

In the end, everything worked out perfectly & Lykke Li blew my f*ckin mind! The 24-year-old Swedish hottie is beyond talented. Her voice is incredibly unique & she is SO charismatic on stage that I seriously forgot where I was a few times. I was completely mesmerized. ALL of my focus was on Lykke & nothing else mattered.

Love Out Of Lust


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