Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make Some Noise by The Beastie Boys

I was SO stoked to see The Beastie Boys for my 1st time ever at Outside Lands 2009 but, unfortunately, about 2 months before the festival, The Beastie Boys were forced to cancel their tour because Adam "MCA" Yauch had been diagnosed with cancer. MCA has recently stated that he's not 100% cancer-free yet but he's working on it & the fact that The Beastie Boys are about to release a brand new album (Hot Sauce Committee Part 2) gives me hope that I'm going to have another opportunity to see them live. Yay! Make some noise!!!

***And, since the video for the 1st single Make Some Noise was already taken down, we'll just have to tide ourselves over with this AMAZING, star-studded promotional trailer for The Beastie Boys' new album!!!

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