Sunday, April 24, 2011

PRINCE @ The Forum - 4/22/11

Prince at Coachella 2008 will forever remain one of THE best shows I've seen but, unfortunately, I can't QUITE say the same about his performance on Friday 4/22 at The Forum in Los Angeles. I don't mean to say he didn't put on a great show because he certainly did (his duet with special guest Alicia Keys was particularly fantastic) but he kinda gypped Friday night's crowd.

Friday was the 3rd show of Prince's 21 night residency in LA &, on both night 1 (on 4/14) & night 2 (on 4/21), after turning on the lights for about 20-30 minutes & tricking everyone into thinking he was done, he came back out & ended up played hourlong encores. I knew a lot of people who had been to one of the 1st 2 shows & I was specifically instructed to wait for Prince to come back so my roommate Stephanie & I waited for a full hour along with about 2,000 other people who were still holding out hope that he'd return. There were some serious holes in Prince's set-list (he hadn't played 1999, Kiss OR Little Red Corvette yet) so we were extra convinced he wasn't done but, much to our chagrin, Prince NEVER CAME BACK! The ushers finally came around & kicked us all out. Everyone was PISSED.

I heard Prince ended up playing another set for all the VIPs underneath The Forum but I'm not 100% sure that's true. I wouldn't be surprised though. Prince is an incredible performer who SHREDS on electric guitar & has countless classic hits but he's also a little diva who does whatever the f*ck he wants. I'm sure he played a 2 hour encore last night for his night 4 crowd because that'd be just my luck but whatever. I still had a FABULOUS time dancing up a storm with my roomie in our sequined outfits :-)
Prince will most likely have all my Youtube videos removed from the Internet within the week so please watch them asap (because they ARE good!). Once Youtube nazi Prince has them taken down though, I'll put them up on my Facebook page instead. I'm hoping/thinking he might not be able to get to them that way but we'll see.

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