Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Ross Sea Party, Jules Larson & A House For Lions @ The Bootleg Theater - 4/28/11

I've been meaning to see The Ross Sea Party perform live for months but, for reasons I can't explain, Thursday night was the first time I was finally able to catch a Ross Sea Party show. My friend Mike is the drummer in both The Ross Sea Party & The Muddy Reds &, although both bands are extremely different in style, they're both uniquely awesome. I'm officially a new Ross Sea Party groupie so expect to be hearing a lot more about them here :-)
And the icing on the cake that was my Thursday night at The Bootleg Theater was discovering both Jules Larson & A House For Lions. Jules Larson is a super hot new singer/songwriter who plays both guitar & piano. I had heard a little bit of buzz about her before seeing her live on Thursday &, after only hearing 1 or 2 songs, I totally got what all the buzz was about. She f*ckin rocks!

I intended on going home early before A House For Lions even started because I was/am still trying to recover from my Coachella-induced bronchitis (it was still worth it!!) but, on my way out, I couldn't help but get into A House For Lions' set. Their music's got a sorta indie rock/alt-country feel & they totally JAM OUT which I love.

I went to The Bootleg Theater on Thursday night expecting to see one good band but I ended up being MORE than pleasantly surprised by all 3 artists on the bill!

P.S. You can't see much in my videos because the lighting was pretty dim but the audio's ALL good!

The Ross Sea Party

Jules Larson

A House For Lions

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  1. Lauren - not sure how else to contact you so trying through a comment here. Your passion for Live Music is similar to ours - in fact we have taken it to another level and have a site dedicated to tracking live shows. Perhaps somehow we can share ideas . Please check out - My name is Neil, send a comment through the site or Facebook or Twitter - if you want to discuss (HeyLiveMusic). I found you via Jules Larsons posting through our FB page - she's great!