Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chris Cornell @ The Ford Amphitheater- 5/4/2011

For the second time in my life I was able to let Chris Cornell’s rich voice wash over me.  He sang to us, he sang to the trees and he sang to the heavens.  He can’t help but belt out hit after hit which have carried me with emotion for so long, and I even discovered some great songs I had no idea existed from his 20+ year career span!

From Sound Garden to Temple of the Dog to Audioslave and everything in between he was able to overwhelm me with those vocals and six guitars (yes, I got teary-eyed about 3 times)!

He opened his set with Redemption Song and did a couple other covers throughout the show (Led Zep & Lennon).  Highlights for me were definitely Like a Stone, Can’t Change Me, Call me a Dog, Sunshower, Say Hello to Heaven and Fell on Black Days.  I was left wanting more since he didn’t play What You Are… but understandable, that would be one of the songs that need a badass band to truly rock the fuck out.

The Ford Amphitheater is just intimate enough to let you lose yourself in those lyrics and beautiful melodies.  You can gaze up at the starry night as you sway along or just close your eyes and let the sound engulf you as I did.  This venue is nestled in the Hollywood Hills, just northeast of the Hollywood Bowl on Cahuenga Blvd.  It doesn’t fit a whole lot of people (perhaps 1500?) but it was absolutely fitting for Cornell’s acoustic, one-man-act.

He will FOREVER be one of my favorites and I’m sure in time, one of the greats (if not already)!!

Unfortunately, they are SUPER STRICT about cameras, so no footage (Lauren would have gave them a piece of her mind!!) but honestly, it was more of a personal thing for me anyway- it’s that good.

Try to catch the next show, May 5th, 2011- 8pm. $40 bucks is SO worth it!

Signing off for Lauren, her roommate Stephanie ;)

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