Friday, May 20, 2011

Trailer for My Morning Jacket Presents: One Big Holiday

My Morning Jacket is 1 of my all-time favorite bands. I've seen them live 4 times already & I'll be seeing them 2 more times this summer (at The Pantages Theater in LA on 6/22 & at my 1st Lollapalooza ever in Chicago in August).

No matter how times I've seen MMJ, they never cease to amaze me in concert. On Day 3 of Coachella 2008, they played the sunset set on the main stage opening for Roger Waters' 2 1/2 hour Dark Side of the Moon extravaganza & they blew me away (1 of the best days in Coachella history). Jim James' voice is even more heavenly live than it is on MMJ's albums. He looks like a lumberjack yet he sings like an angel.

Sidenote: Normally, I download albums off the internet for free. I justify it by telling myself that I'm more than doing my part to support musicians by purchasing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of concert tickets that I wouldn't be purchasing if I hadn't originally gotten my hands the music for free. It kinda makes sense, right?

In the case of My Morning Jacket's upcoming release of their 6th studio album Circuital, I've actually been inspired to purchase the Limited Deluxe Box! It has all kinds of fun stuff inside but, most importantly, it includes a 30 minute exclusive documentary DVD that was directed by my friend Michael Feld!

The press release begins:

"Louisville, KY, May 19, 2011 - My Morning Jacket Presents: One Big Holiday, a 30-minute documentary DVD, which is being released exclusively as part of My Morning Jacket’s deluxe box set of Circuital, the band’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, on
May 31, 2011.

Executive Produced by former My Morning Jacket drummer Christopher Guetig (2000-2002), and directed by Michael Feld, the documentary One Big Holiday provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at the symbiotic love affair that exists between one of America’s hottest bands, My Morning Jacket, and their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Beautifully shot in HD, this grassroots film tells a story about the unique relationship between a band, and an emerging American city that has its own distinctive heritage and blossoming indie music scene.

One Big Holiday chronicles the preparations of My Morning Jacket as the band returned to Louisville, KY to play a homecoming concert in the newly opened KFC Yum! Center in October 2010."

Stay tuned for my write-up on the full 30-minute documentary as soon as I get to see it! I'm hoping it's soon! :-)

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