Thursday, May 12, 2011

TV on the Radio @ The Music Box - 5/11/11

When I went to see TV on the Radio last night, I thought there might be a slightly somber tone to their set since they just lost their bassist Gerard Smith to lung cancer on April 20th (only 9 days after the 4/11/11 release of their latest album Nine Types of Light). It was actually exactly the opposite. TVOTR must have figured the best way to pay tribute to Smith was by throwing one giant badass dance party & performing some of their oldest & greatest hits.

Their rendition of Young Liars was one my top favorite moments of the evening. Other standout songs included older tracks like Staring at the Sun & Dreams. And I couldn't have been happier to hear A Method & DLZ included in their encore. TVOTR's entire set at The Music Box last night was pure perfection.

I actually happened to capture 2 of the more mellow songs below but I was too busy dancing my ass off to worry about taking videos & photos the rest of the time.


A Method

Nine Types of Light (THE MOVIE)

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