Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Flaming Lips: Dark Side of The Moon @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery - 6/15/11 I'm just gonna come right out & say it: The Flaming Lips were UNfuckinbelievable on Wednesday night!!! I wish everyone could've been there. The full moon came in & out from behind the clouds throughout the entire show although we weren't lucky enough to see the lunar eclipse that couldn't be seen from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere...darnit! It was still super cool to be seeing The Lips perform Dark Side of The Moon IN A CEMETERY on the night of a lunar eclipse. I mean, it was just too perfect!
The Flaming Lips really went ALL OUT. Peaches made a special guest appearance & belted her heart out during The Great Gig in The Sky & the crowd went WILD. It was ridiculous. And, of course The Lips played a few classic tracks after they finished DSOTM, including She Don't Use Jelly, The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song & Do You Realize. It was seriously 1 of the coolest shows I've ever been to. It's tough to rank them but it ranks WAYYYY up there...especially in creativity, ambience, lighting, special effects, confetti, dry ice, giant floating balls filled with money, etc. Hopefully the photos below will help you understand...

And something I would've known about if I'd been able to make Tuesday night's Soft Bulletin show (luckily, I had the pleasure of seeing them play Soft Bulletin at Sasquatch a few weeks ago!) was the secret Flaming Lips & Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros performance that took place in front of the cemetery on Santa Monica Boulevard at 6AM on Wednesday morning! Apparently they did a 12 minute rendition of Do You Realize amongst a lot of other very cool stuff.

I've said it before & I'm gonna say it again: The Flaming Lips are a band you MUST SEE live...before people are dancing on YOUR grave in a cemetery! Bwahahaha!!!

Wayne in his ball...again :-)

Wayne's rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Breathe...breathe in the air...

The Great Gig in The Sky featuring PEACHES!

And of course there were LASERS!

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