Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ross Sea Party @ The Satellite – 6/27/11

Going out on a Monday night is ambitious but, when you get a chance to see The Ross Sea Party FOR FREE, you have to take advantage of the opportunity. My friend Casie & I were only at The Satellite for about 1 hour last night but, fortunately, we managed to catch RSP’s entire fabulous set before we had to hurry back out the door to move our car by 11pm.

The Satellite (previously known as Spaceland) in Silverlake is a really great venue (I’m going back on Friday night to see Other Lives & The Rosebuds!) but their parking situation SUCKS. Pretty much every single street within an even moderately close vicinity of the club is “No Parking 11pm to 6am” unless you have a permit.

Lucky for us, The Ross Sea Party finished around 10:45pm so we didn’t have to leave before the end of their set but we did have to sacrifice seeing The Californian for our 1st time in order to avoid getting a ticket. The Californian was playing the last night of their June residency & the place was packed. I’m definitely gonna have to check them out in the not too distant future!

And, if you’re going to be in LA area this weekend, I highly recommend going to see The Ross Sea Party at Malibu Inn on Friday night! If I didn’t already have tickets for Other Lives, I’d totally be there! I’m sure I’d have much better luck parking in Malibu than I’ll have parking at The Satellite again :-/


  1. I was there last night as well, and I got myself a $63 dollar ticket parking on Silver Lake Blvd. Didn't even notice the signs. So obviously revenue generation. Now I know why everyone was valeting their car for $5. Nice site BTW!

  2. Bummer ~the parking ticket but hopefully the great music made up for it a bit! So much for a free Monday night show though :-/ And thanks for the kind words! It means a lot!