Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twin Falcons @ The Airliner - 6/4/11

It's nights like Saturday night & bands like Twin Falcons that make me SO grateful for the fact that I'm rarely able to turn down a live show. A couple friends of mine who are buddies with the members of Twin Falcons had recommended I check them out because I'm currently on the lookout for artists who might want to participate in the mini music fest event a few fellow music-obsessed girlfriends & I are trying to organize for this fall. After hearing only 1 of their songs on Saturday night, I already decided that Twin Falcons MUST play our event! Their music is super fun & funky & I think it's pretty much impossible to listen to them without at least shakin' your hips a little bit. I was shakin' mine a lot :-)


Disclaimer: The vocals are kinda tough to hear in the clips below but I'll be getting more footage of Twin Falcons as soon as possible so stay tuned. They're releasing their new EP soon so I'm hoping that means an EP release show!

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