Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RACES @ The Bootleg Theater - 7/18/11

The next band I'm determined to get to play Vibe Fest 2011 (the mini music fest I'm throwing with 2 other music-obsessed girlfriends on Saturday 10/8/11 at The Vibe Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard -> PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!) is RACES! After being given several recommendations, I saw RACES for my 1st time last night at The Bootleg Theater & was seriously impressed.

This group of 4 guys & 3 girls have an Ed Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros kind of feel. They've got tons of energy on stage & you can tell they genuinely have fun making music together. I'll be SO stoked if I can talk them into playing Vibe Fest. And I can guarantee they'll pull a big crowd because they're gonna be blowing up real quick. Mark my words ;-)

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