Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bright Eyes @ The Hollywood Forever Cemetery - 9/23/11

Last Friday night, I accidentally ended up with concert tickets to 2 different shows (Twin Shadow at The Troubadour & Bright Eyes at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery) yet somehow completely forgot I needed to sell my Twin Shadow tix until about 4:30pm that afternoon. I made a couple last minute attempts on Craigslist & Facebook offering the Twin Shadow tix for far under face value but no one hit me up & the pair went to waste. 

I'm usually totally on top of my concert tix situation but, last Friday, I dropped the ball. When you go to multiple concerts each week, I'm sure these things are bound to happen but, despite the mix-up, I'm SO happy I picked Bright Eyes that night! They were INCREDIBLE! And Kurt Vile's opening set was super impressive too!

Kurt Vile


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