Sunday, September 11, 2011

Identity Fest @ The Hollywood Palladium - 9/4/11

When it was originally announced that the LA leg of the Identity Fest tour was going to be held in San Bernardino on Sunday 9/4, I wasn't too thrilled. I wasn't looking forward to trekking close to 2 hours each way out to the middle of nowhere on the 2nd day of a 3 day weekend...ESPECIALLY after going to Handsome Furs on Friday night & spending all afternoon & night at FYF Fest in Downtown LA on Saturday. It was going to be quite the endeavor. Luckily, on 8/25, the organizers of Identity Fest made a wise choice by listening to their LA festival-goers' complaints & moving the festival to The Hollywood Palladium. I wasn't quite sure how they'd manage to have an all-day "festival" at an indoor venue but, by adding a 2nd stage outside the back of the Palladium & removing a few artists from the bill (I was most upset by the loss of Etienne De Crecy), Identity Fest totally pulled it off!

I didn't get to the festival until ~7pm because I was busy partying it up at a Labor Day BBQ in Echo Park but I caught the end of Bookashade which is who I was trying to get there in time to see. After Bookashade, Steveo Aoki demonstrated what a giant douchebag he is by spelling his name out in lights & spending 1/2 of what felt like an eternity of a set standing on his raised platform above his lit-up last name with him arms outstretched in the air. It felt like he just wanted everyone to praise him &, believe me, he doesn't deserve any praise. My favorite part of Aoki's set was when it was over...AND when the lead singer of Weezer came out & did a song with him but even that track wasn't very good. I just wanted Steve Aoki to finish up asap because all I really care about was seeing Disco Biscuits & Pretty Lights afterwards.

Despite my disdain for Steve Aoki, Disco Biscuits & Pretty Lights electrified my face off!!! And, thanks to them, Identity Fest redeemed itself & ended up being INCREDIBLE! I also happened to have THE best crew to dance & party with which made the entire event that much more fun. Be sure to check out my videos of Disco Biscuits & Pretty Lights below. Pretty Lights' lights are SOOOO pretty!!!!

Disco Biscuits

Pretty Lights' Opening Song

Pretty Lights #2

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