Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twin Falcons @ Busby's East - 10/25/11

Twin Falcons have an incredibly unique sound unlike anything else I've ever heard. It's the perfect blend of electronic, funk & rock. They've pretty much created their own new genre of music (elecfunkrock perhaps?) &, even you aren't a big dancer, there's no way you can listen to a TF track without at least tapping your foot.

Twin Falcons is the band everyone was asking me about when they performed at my 1st live music event production Vibe Fest on October 8th at The Vibe Hotel in Hollywood. I felt like a proud parent when I saw the crowd getting crazy groovy dancing during TF's set. Nzo, Byron & Thomas killed it at Vibe Fest just like they do EVERY time.

Mark my words...Twin Falcons are gonna blow up someday very soon & I strongly suggest you start rockin' their EP now before it becomes the "cool" thing to do (because it will). Then you can brag to all your friends later about how "in the know" you were back in Twin Falcons' early days. I'm already bragging :-)

"Who" Are Twin Falcons?

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