Friday, January 6, 2012

Rumspringa @ The Satellite - 1/5/12

Last night, Rumspringa kicked off the 1st of 9 nights in a row of FREE SHOWS at The Satellite in Silverlake & they were AWESOME. I had wanted to see Rumspringa ever since I first saw their video for Minds Awake this past July. I was a little behind the times since both the song & video were released back in February 2009 but, regardless, Rumspringa was officially on my radar & they certainly didn't disappoint last night!

The parking situation at The Satellite is less than ideal since pretty much every street doesn't allow parking after 11pm without a permit but, if you utilize the $5 valet, take a cab or just don't mind taking a short hike to & from your car, it's definitely worth catching at least 1 night (if not more) of the remaining 8 free shows!

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