Thursday, March 15, 2012

ISLANDS Are Where I Want To Be - Bootleg Theater - 3/15/12

Up until 7:45pm last night (only 75 minutes before Islands' opening act Idiot Glee was scheduled to begin their set), I'd been entirely unsuccessful in rallying a concert buddy for Islands' 2nd show of 2012 at the Bootleg Theater in Silverlake. Islands' 1st appearance at the Bootleg was on Valentines Day & I was unable to attend because I had a date ( <3 ) so I was 100% determined NOT miss their 2nd show in LA exactly 1 month later.

I had accepted the fact I was most likely cruising to the show solo but, luckily, at the very last minute, I was able to convince 1 of my most beloved concert buddies to come with me. It was for the best for both of us because Islands NAILED IT at the Bootleg last night!!! They're just SO good.

Check it out...

Hallways -> 2 guys on 1 piano = IMPRESSIVE

Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby

Hallways (Official Video)

SWANS (Life After Death)