Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of Monsters & Men @ The Troubadour - 3/20/12

Ever since 1 of my friends from Semester at Sea turned me onto Of Monsters & Men in early January, I've been eagerly awaiting the moment I'd get to see them live for the 1st time. When I found out they were playing the Troubadour in West Hollywood in mid March, I stupidly assumed I'd be able to snag a ticket shortly before the show because I thought they were still relatively unknown. It turns out a lot of people already knew about Of Monsters & Men & their 3/20 show at the Troubadour sold out immediately after going on sale. Concert ticket buying FAIL :-P

I held out some hope I'd at least be able to find 1 reasonably priced ticket on Craigslist at the last minute (because that USUALLY works) but, as of Sunday, people were trying to sell tickets online for as much as $50 or more a piece when face value couldn't have exceeded $20-25/ticket. At that point, I accepted I wouldn't be seeing Of Monsters & Men for my 1st time until Sasquatch but then, yesterday afternoon, a little concert miracle happened...

2 of my newest live music buddies Julianna & Antonio had 1 extra ticket for only $35 & they offered it to me!! THANK GOD for them because Of Monsters & Men brought the house down last night at The Troubadour!!! Everyone in the crowd went NUTS. You probably wouldn't think a 6-piece, Icelandic folk band could do something like that but, if you saw Of Monsters & Men perform even just ONE song live, you'd understand.

Of Monsters & Men are blowing up fast & for good reason. They're sweet & humble & have a way of making you feel pure joy. They literally just touch your heart. Of Monsters & Men are simply INCREDIBLE live. I'm already dying to see them again at The Gorge in 2 months!

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