Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PLEASE HELP The Ross Sea Party Record Their 1st Album!!!

My dear friends & oh-so-fabulous Vibe Fest headliners The Ross Sea Party are ready to record their 1st full-length album. This is something I personally have been eagerly awaiting for YEARS. There's just one catch. They need YOUR support to raise the $10k required to actually make it happen because, dude, making an album is expensive!!!

RSP has already raised over $1,600 in less than 1 week which just goes to show you how much their fans (myself included) absolutely adore both them & their music. I'm 100% confident RSP will not only reach but EXCEED their goal of $10k long before their April 2nd deadline.

Please watch, listen & SERIOUSLY consider donating. There are major prizes involved!! I can't wait to get MY hand screen printed, limited edition poster AND a copy of the finished album!


The Ross Sea Party Are Recording a Full Length Album!

Hey, we’re The Ross Sea Party and we’re heading to the studio to record our first full length album in April. To do it right, we need your help!

We’ve grown together for a couple years now, playing shows all over the Los Angeles area and touring from Seattle to Austin. We released a self-recorded EP a while back [listen here], but now it’s time to take it to the next level – we’ve been working ridiculously hard writing new songs, honing them live and coming up with a master plan for recording this album in the most efficient way possible!

Recording the album

We’re going to do it the right way: in a real studio and with a well-respected producer.  To save money we will be recording most of the album in Sacramento and will finish vocals, overdubs and mixing in odd spaces around LA. All told we’ll put in three weeks from start to finish to ensure the songs get the love they deserve.

Where your contributions are going
The vast majority of our funds will go to
  • Studio time and related expenses
  • Producer’s fees for three-plus weeks
The rest will go towards mastering, CD duplication, distribution, and we were careful to earmark an appropriate amount for publicity to get the maximum value out of your contributions!
The final tally will go well beyond our Kickstarter goal so we really need your help to make this album a reality!

How you can help
Thankfully Kickstarter is the perfect way for you to vote with your dollars and make sure the music you love keeps getting made - the real, down to earth, devil-in-the-details music that can only be created by a group of like-minded souls sweating through good times and bad in the name of art.

And that’s us, The Ross Sea Party. We are truly grateful for all of you out there who are willing to help us create an album we’ll all be able to enjoy in the future. Thanks so much and we’ll see you on tour!



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