Thursday, April 26, 2012


GUEST POST from my most loyal guest Concert Addict Chick, Melanie Hansen :-)

So Tuesday, you wouldn’t expect anything particularly spectacular to be going on, right? You would be WRONG. Tuesday April 10, not only did I attend Focus, one of the hottest and chillest House Music spots in OC, but I saw the world renowned Tiefschwarz perform only feet in front of me. Nights like this are what I live for, so when I walked into Tapas in Newport Beach (the location where Focus is held every Tuesday) that night the relaxing atmosphere did not have any effect at all on my excitement.

I did my best to dance it off a little to the opening set performed by Wobs, one of the resident DJs at Focus. The music was first-rate as usual (the residents at Focus definitely know their business), but my anticipation was getting the better of me. If you watch my video of Wobs’ set you can tell because I’m going crazy with the zoom.

As I saw Tief coming up over the tables I was soooo ready for dancing. He had such a fun energy and was dancing himself to Wobs’ set as he moseyed over. He definitely had the house vibe and started working his magic, making the transition between sets look effortless like the smooth operator that he is.

The crowd was clapping and yelling behind me, everyone was truly stoked to be so up close and personal with Tiefschwarz and his music. He started off with some airy figety beats and the tracks got darker as the night moved on, but the music was continually up beat, sandwiched full of fun classic house tracks so we could all jack the night away. Depeche Mode (John the Revelator Tiefschwarz Mix) was in there too, to my extra excitement. If a DJ does an official remix for Dépêche Mode in my mind it’s somewhat of a must to play it, but that’s just me, and I’m glad he came through with it that night.

So what can I say about the rest of the night? I came, I rocked out to some thumping house music, I heard some choice tracks I’d been dying to hear live, my bff high fived Tiefschwarz, and I also got a few videos of the show so I’ll never forget the awesome experience that Focus & Tiefschwarz made possible for me. Oh and I posted them on YouTube so you can all enjoy it as well =).


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