Friday, May 4, 2012

Metronomy @ El Rey Theatre - 5/3/12

My biggest regret of Coachella 2012 was missing Metronomy's Sunday afternoon set. I stupidly decided to wait until just after 2pm (when their set began) to get in line to enter the festival. I figured I'd only miss a couple songs because it had only taken 5-10 minutes to get through the entrance's security line on both Friday & Saturday but, while in line, I heard a rumor that security had found a GUN on someone on Saturday so security had to be a LOT tighter on Sunday. I'm not sure if that rumor was true or not but, if it was, F*CK the person who tried to bring a gun to Coachella! Not only is that 1 of the dumbest things anyone could ever do but it also led to it taking over 45 minutes for me to get into the fest on Sunday &, because of that, I missed Metronomy's set completely!

On the bright side, Metronomy played El Rey Theatre just last night (less than a month after weekend 1 of Coachella) in Los Angeles &, since my friend Darin won tickets to the show from KCRW, I got to go with him for FREE! And, in the grand scheme of things, I'm SO happy my 1st Metronomy show ended up being at night at my all-time favorite indoor venue in LA as opposed to being outside during the day in the middle of the desert

It turns out Metronomy is INCREDIBLE live & their chest lights make them even cooler so be sure to check out my 2 videos below. I already CANNOT WAIT to see them again!

The Bay


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