Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ben Howard @ The Troubadour - 6/5/12

Thanks to yet another kind-hearted Craigslist soul, I was lucky enough to snag a last-minute, face value ticket for only $17.50 to Ben Howard's 1st of 2 sold out shows at The Troubadour last night!

I had missed Ben's early afternoon set at Sasquatch & was bummed because I SO desperately wanted to hear The Wolves live at The Gorge! If you haven't seen
the Danny Macaskill BMX video featuring Ben's beautiful single The Wolves yet, be sure to check it out HERE right now!

I'm grateful I'm not scared to attend a concert by myself every once in a while because Ben Howard's set last night (which was also the 1st gig he has EVER played in LA) was fuckin UNREAL. His voice is flawless & every single track is pure perfection. I really didn't know much of Ben's material before last night's show but now I have TONS of favorites. Check EVERYTHING out below!!

Black Flies (in its entirety)

The Wolves (just a taste because I had to relish in the moment)

Old Pine

Only Love

The Fear


  1. I had to leave early that night...did he play an encore??

  2. He did! But it was only 1 song after The Wolves &, because I'm a new fan, I don't know the name of it! I know I loved it though! What an incredible performance :-)