Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jimmy Cliff @ Hollywood Park Race Track - 6/22/12

I saw Jimmy Cliff for the 1st time at The Hollywood Bowl's annual Reggae night a couple Julys back &, although I recall enjoying his show & having a great time dancing around while socializing & drinking a large quantity of 2 Buck Chuck (fully taking advantage of the Bowl's BYOB policy), Jimmy himself didn't really stand out to me that much...probably because, unless you drop over $100 on really good seats, you're never that close to the stage at The Hollywood Bowl. That's the tradeoff though for the beautiful venue, the laid back, everyone-drinking their-own-booze atmosphere & the awesome acoustics because, even when you're sitting in 1 of the very back sections at The Bowl, the acoustics still sound relatively decent.

I'm SO glad I didn't think, just because I'd been to a Jimmy Cliff concert before, I didn't need to see him again because I definitely DID! I had NO idea Jimmy had such an unbelievable amount of energy on stage nor did I know he's got some KILLER moves. Jimmy barely ever stood still (it looked liked his neck was made of rubber!) & he kept the crowd going strong for his entire 2-hour set. I now fully understand why this man is SUCH a legend!

Plus, you can't beat getting to watch & bet on horse races, drink cocktails & eat off food trucks for a few hours prior to an outdoor, Friday night, summer concert in LA!

Children's Bread

Ruby Soho

Jimmy doin' The Scooby Doo...

Rivers of Babylon

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