Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach House @ El Rey Theatre - 7/3/12

I can't believe how incredibly lucky I was on Tuesday! By some small miracle, I managed to snag a $25 ticket (from yet another ridiculously kind-hearted Craigslist know who you are!) to the VERY MUCH sold out Beach House show at El Rey Theatre. This show sold out in less than 3 minutes on Cinco De Mayo &, despite writing a note in my planner AND setting an extra alarm on my phone, I still managed to miss the 10am sale start because I overslept after a crazy night at Ed Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros at The Greek the night before (concert addict chick

Since people are Craigslist were being greedy bastards trying to sell a single ticket for Beach House's El Rey show for as much as $100-150 PER TICKET when face value was no more than $25-30, by about 3pm Tuesday, I had given up hope. THEN the concert gods smiled upon me when I received an Email from an interested seller in response to the following ad I posted on Craigslist looking for 1 ticket for no more than $50 (which was a long shot but worth a try!):

I know this is probably a long shot since so many people have already posted WANTED ads for Beach House on Tuesday 7/3/12 at the El Rey but I figure it's still worth a shot since I'm only looking for ONE ticket. I'm praying an honest, fellow, live music fan will take pity on me & sell me 1 GA ticket for $50 or less. It's GOOD CONCERT KARMA, I swear! :-)

I'm a HUGE Beach House fan. Ever since I 1st saw them open for Grizzly Bear at the Hollywood Palladium a couple years ago, I've been madly in love with their music & I have THE biggest girl crush on Victoria Legrand <3 Plus, I'm out of town in September when Beach House is playing 2 nights in a row at The Wiltern so this is most likely the only chance I'll get to see them in 2012.

PLEASE contact me if you can help me out & I promise to pay it forward the next time I have an extra ticket to a sold out show. It's the right thing to do! ;-)

Check out 1 of my videos from Beach House's 2011 Sasquatch set here -

Not only did my Craigslist angel bless me with a ticket but he ALSO gave it to me for only $2This man has ALL kinds of good concert karma coming his way &, thanks to him, I got to attend my 3rd Beach House concert which proved to be the best 1 yet! I love Victoria Legrand SO much. She's incredible.


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