Friday, July 27, 2012

Isom Innis @ Central in Santa Monica - 7/26/12

Last night was a f*ckin blast. First, I did wine & snacks on the beach for a couple hours at the FREE Santa Monica Pier concert with some of my favorite people then I headed to Central to see Mumbai Science & Isom Innis (of Foster the People) do a DJ a set...also for FREE! Isom Innis could be a full-time DJ but, because I love Foster the People, I'm happy he manages to juggle both gigs.

Central is quickly becoming my fave westside music venue. It's only 2 miles from my apartment which is SO nice...especially since usually I have to trek all the way to the Hollywood/Echo Park/Silverlake area for most of my other shows.

I wish I could rally to go to the Silent Disco at Central tonight (Beastie Boys versus A Tribe Called Quest) but, unfortunately, because I have a ton of stuff going on the rest of the weekend & last night was so crazy, I'll only be stopping by Central ~8pm tonight to pick up my debit card. You know you had a fun night when you forget to close your

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