Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mr. Little Jeans @ Central in Santa Monica - 7/10/12

When Central: Social Aid & Pleasure Club in Santa Monica posted a message on their Facebook page yesterday saying there was going to be a special guest at last night's In The Valley Below & blondfire show, their clue was the following: "PLUS a surprise guest all the way from Norway. Who could it be? Hint: They're known for a certain Arcade Fire cover." I put 2 & 2 together & deciphered that the special guest was going to be Mr. Little Jeans! To be honest, until yesterday, the only song I knew by Mr. Little Jeans was their SICK cover of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs (see video below) but, after hearing them play a few other songs live last night, I discovered there's a lot more to this Norwegian quartet.

And, since I got stuck at work late last night &, therefore, missed all of In The Valley Below & only caught the last song of blondfire's set, I'm determined to go back to Central on Tuesday 7/24 to see both acts in their entirety because In The Valley Below AND blondfire are playing EVERY Tuesday night in July FOR FREE at Central! I did some research yesterday & these 2 new artists both sound pretty cool. I also heard some rave reviews about them from other people last night who were lucky enough to catch their sets.

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