Monday, September 17, 2012

Pretty Lights & DJ Shadow @ The Shrine Auditorium - 9/15/12

Although everyone was initially pissed to be forced into the upper level of The Shrine Auditorium because the floor level was supposedly ALL VIP (even though there was NO option to purchase VIP tickets on Ticketmaster OR any indication GA meant upstairs only...for $60 a ticket!!) & despite the fact this event should have been held either at The Shrine Expo or another venue where GA meant FLOOR, I still ended up having a great time on Saturday night. There may have been logicistal issues but Pretty Lights still kicked ass. His lights really are pretty :)


  1. GA did not mean upstairs only and the bottom floor wasn't vip, it was first come first serve. My group got there early (caught all of marty party's set) and we all got wrist bands for the first floor on our way in until they ran out.

  2. Hmmm...that's not what security told us. We got there around 830 & were immediately forced upstairs after being told the 1st floor was VIP only. I talked to a lot of people in the bar line upstairs who were all also told the same thing. I just wish I'd known I needed to get these super early to have even the slightest chance of getting a spot on the 1st floor. They should've done the show at the Shrine Expo instead of the Auditorium.