Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freelance Whales at El Rey Theatre - 10/16/12

THANK YOU, THE SCENESTAR.COM, for hooking me up for free tickets to Freelance Whales at El Rey Theatre last night! I've never won tickets to a show before so I kinda felt like I won the lottery even though tickets were only about $25 face value :)

Unfortunately, because it was such last minute notice, I wasn't able to find anyone to attend the show with me so my extra free ticket went to waste & I rolled solo (everyone else's I tried to catch the end of Geographer's set because I like the few songs of theirs I've heard & people have been saying good things about their live shows AND I missed their set at
Outside Lands 2012. But, alas, because their set started at 8:30pm & I was walking into El Rey at 9:07pm hoping I'd at least catch 1 song, I missed them. I only overheard the last couple minutes of their last song as I was picking up my free ticket from will call.

At that point, I had to stand around by myself for 30 minutes with no one to talk to (which is especially unfortunate & awkward for me since I always prefer to be chatting with SOMEONE) but, once Freelance Whales started playing at 9:45pm on the dot, being at the show alone no longer mattered. I was 100% transfixed on the 5 dudes & 1 chick from Queens, New York who captivated me for the next 90 minutes playing everything from guitars, drums & keyboards to xylophones, trumpets, banjos, bass, synthesizers, glockenspiels & harmoniums.

I captured a great video of 1 of Freelance Whales' songs early in the set but, sadly, when I was uploading my footage at home late last night, I somehow deleted the clip from both my camera AND computer at the same time :( So, naturally, I had to "borrow" a couple clips from other people. Check 'em out:

Broken Horse

Spitting Image

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