Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Garbage @ The Hollywood Palladium - 10/2/12

I rarely say negative things about the live shows I attend because I usually only attend ones I know will at least be decent, if not phenomenal :) BUT paying $100 for 2 Garbage tickets months in advance wasn't the best idea since I ended up not being able to find a single person willing to pay even $30 for a $50 ticket to come with me to see Garbage at The Hollywood Palladium last night. It didn't help that there were a million ads on Craigslist offering tickets to this SOLD OUT show for only $25-30 a piece. I don't understand what happened but, regardless, seeing a band I USED to love in the 90s (before I developed my super refined taste in for what ended up costing me $100 total was NOT worth it.

Shirley Manson is still hot (especially for being 46 years old!) & her Scottish accent adds to her charm. And I'll admit some of Garbage's old hits (i.e. Queer & #1 Crush from the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack) were fun to hear live for the 1st time but, overall, I just wasn't that into it :-/

On the bright side, I was able to treat my girlfriend Sarah to a fun girls' night out (because the only way I could get someone to come with me was by offering my 2nd ticket for free BUT at least I rallied a concert buddy!) & she & I still had a blast together, as we always do. The show could've been worse but, appropriately enough, Garbage did not leave the best taste in my mouth.


And, for old time's sake, #1 Crush:

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