Wednesday, January 2, 2013


OK so I'm a day late to say "Happy New Year!!!" but I have an excellent excuse.

I just spent the last few days (Saturday through Tuesday) ringing in the New Year in Ensenada, Mexico with 13 of the raddest people you'll ever meet. We rented a house RIGHT on the beach that had a hot tub & 1 of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. We ate copious amounts of delicious Mexican food (plus my special NYE scallops & prawns risotto), drank tons of tequila, beer & champagne, played with fireworks on the beach, had sing-a-longs (including a so-terrible-it-was-fabulous rendition of Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of midnight on NYE..with sparklers & champagne in hand), played poker & other silly games, watched football, made cozy fires, wandered around town & simply had THE best New Year's celebration EVER.

It was the perfect way to relax for a few days before getting back to the grind & also a great way for me to take a break from stressing about my upcoming 2 week trip to Kilimanjaro! I leave on Tuesday 1/8 & will not return until 1/21 so, unfortunately for any avid Concert Addict Chick followers, my blog will be going silent for 2 whole weeks beginning next Tuesday BUT I have over 500 posts & PLENTY of stuff I'm sure you haven't seen so please browse around while I'm gone! My "Favorite Songs" category is chock-full of stuff you NEED to hear :)

Speaking of Auld Lang Syne...Andrew Bird's twist on the old NYE classic is 1 of the best ones out there:

And this is just plain adorable. I heart JGL & Zooey SO much!

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