Friday, February 1, 2013

Local Natives @ The Fonda - 1/28/13

OK so I officially DESPISE the balcony at the Fonda. Unless you're standing either directly on the railing or only 1 row back from the people on the railing, you can't see SHIT. For this reason, my friends & I totally got the shaft on Monday night at the 1st of 2 sold out Local Natives' shows. We spent the entire set jumping around the balcony trying to catch glimpses of the stage through people's legs, around their giant fros, etc. It was annoying, man.

On the bright side, despite me not being able to actually SEE much of them, Local Natives fuckin KILLED it. Their voices & harmonies are SO incredibly beautiful & I love all the songs off their new album (most of which I was hearing for the 1st time on Monday night).

Since I couldn't get any decent video footage, here's 1 of my favorite new songs from Hummingbird which was just released this past Tuesday 1/29. I'm already very much looking forward to seeing Local Natives again at Coachella in April!

Heavy Feet

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