Thursday, April 18, 2013

COACHELLA 2013 - Weekend 1 - Year of the Dust Storm & Team Waldo

Last weekend was my 9th time attending the always epic Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California &, although I didn't think it was possible at this point for the festival to get any cooler or for the fun level to get any higher, I was wrong because the fest itself AND my car camping crew were both bigger & better than ever!! Team Waldo consisted of approximately 11 cars & 30 BAD ASS music-lovers who bonded instantaneously Thursday night over an insane game of flip cup, medicinal chocolate & camp dance parties :)

Favorite acts of the weekend = Yeah Yeah Yeahs, How To Destroy Angels (their 2nd live performance ever was both visually & audibly INCREDIBLE!!), Pretty Lights, Moby's DJ set, Hot Chip, Puscifer (still can't believe I got see both Reznor & Maynard in the same 24 hours!), Violent Femmes, New Order, Alt-J, Jurrasic 5, Portugal, The Man, Of Monsters & Men & Modest Mouse.

Biggest regrets of the weekend = Missing Blur because my Yeah Yeah Yeahs crew was dissipating & I didn't want to get lost & be wandering around alone the rest of the night & missing 2chainz because I was hellbent on getting into the Yuma to see The 2 Bears. The new Yuma stage was bullshit. A small, hardwood floored, air conditioned stage sounded pretty cool in theory until we all discovered it was practically impossible to get into unless you were willing to miss an hour or more of all the other shows going on to wait in a huge line at the Yuma. Needless to say, I didn't get to see The 2 Bears either which was my 3rd biggest regret :-/ But, luckily, in the grand scheme of things, these regrets were minor hiccups :)

A-Trak's Instagram photo & comment = "Coachella ticket $350, finding Waldo...Priceless."

Fun fact: Photos of my Waldo car camping crew were being tweeted & Instagramed all day Saturday by random people who spotted us on the polo fields. A-Trak himself even Instagrammed a pic of a few of my friends & it got over 1000 likes! We all felt so popular! Little did we know a theme we chose simply because it was easy for everyone to match & because it would ideally give us a SLIGHTLY better chance of being able to find each other inside the festival would end up being such a hit! We've already decided to do it again at Outside Land in August :)

Youth Lagoon

Dillon Francis

Aesop Rock Performing None Shall Pass

Divine Fits Performing Like Ice Cream

Alt-J Performing Dissolve Me

Of Monsters & Men Performing Mountain Sound

Modest Mouse Performing Float On

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Perfoming Subway

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Performing Maps

Friday Night in the Do Lab


Jurassic 5 Performing Quality Control

How To Destroy Angels = AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!

Violent Femmes Performing Add It Up

Portugal, The Man Performing All Your Light

Hot Chip Performing Over & Over

Moby’s DJ Set

New Order Performing Bizarre Love Triangle

James Blake

Pretty Lights

Red Hot Chili Peppers Performing Otherside

Eddie Prydz Closing The Sahara Tent on Day 3

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