Friday, June 21, 2013

Black Skinhead by Kanye West (Live on SNL)

Lately, people have been expressing ALL kinds of opinions about Kanye West's new album Yeezus as well as opinions about Kanye as a person but the way I see it is this: the fact I think Kanye West is a cocky asshole in real life doesn't make his music any better or any worse. I like Kanye's music &, for the most part, I'm diggin' his new album.

I also guess Kanye West assumes, because he's black, he can be as racist as he wants to be? This thought crossed my mind while I was listening to the track I'm In It for the 1st time. To put it nicely, Kanye says all he needs is sweet & sour sauce when pleasuring an Asian Inappropriate, Kanye! :-P

Here's my favorite track thus far. The bass line is just too good:

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