Monday, September 9, 2013

Arcade Fire's NEW Interactive Video!!!

I CANNOT WAIT to get off work today at 5:30pm so I can hurry home to play with Arcade Fire’s brand new interactive video HERE:

I haven’t even heard the new track yet & I currently can’t find it anywhere online! It's killing me! And I can't play the video either b/c, when I try to access it on my iPhone, it tells me I need a 5 digit code I can only get from on my computer but I'm blocked from accessing that site on my work computer b/c I don't have Chrome & my IT department doesn't allow me to DL it!

On a side note: I’m also SO excited to watch not 1 but TWO Monday Night Football games (I only need 8.1 points to win my 1st Fantasy game of the season & I’ve got Foster, Garcon AND Gates still to play so, ideally, that should be easy but I won’t be able to relax until I’ve got that win in the bag!)! PLUS, because I was traveling back to LA last night after attending the AMAZING 49ers v. Packers game in SF yesterday afternoon (YAY NINERS!!!), I still need to watch last night’s episode of Breaking Bad AND the Boardwalk Empire Season 3 premiere! With so much to entertain me tonight, I’ll barely mind doing laundry!

UPDATE: I FINALLY GOT TO LISTEN & I'M IN LOVE!!! I won't be able to INTERACT with it though 'til I get home tonight. I'm SO excited!!!

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