Friday, September 13, 2013

Jimmy Cliff @ Santa Monica Pier = The 10th & Final Pier Concert of The Summer - 9/12/13

Last night was the 10th & final Santa Monica Pier concert of the summer. My boyfriend, George, & I successfully managed to attend all 10 pier concerts every single Thursday from 7-10pm starting with Surfer Blood on July 11th &, every week, we had an absolute blast. Because last night was the summer concert series' season closer & Jimmy Cliff was, by far, the biggest act of all 10 weeks, last night's show proved to be the rowdiest & most crowded pier concert of the entire summer.

Oh how I'll miss the delightful beach music, the beautiful sunsets, the excessive amounts of cheap wine (& being able to drink that wine on the sand without being bothered by the police for a solid 3 hours every week), the scumptious Trader Joe's snack smorgasbords, the trippy ferris wheel lights, the jubilant socializing & absolutely every other little component of my favorite summer activity, the Sant Monica Pier summer concert series.

Jimmy Cliff Performing The Harder They Come

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