Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pearl Jam @ Los Angeles Sports Arena - 11/24/13

How I adore Eddie Vedder, let me count the ways (for the purposes of this particular post, based solely on his performance with Pearl Jam on Sunday night at Los Angeles Sports Arena).

For one, the man is incredibly limber. He can practically do the splits mid-jump while singing (I'm not exactly sure what they call it but let's go with the "rockstar splits kick") & he can do a backbend & hold it for a long time while STILL singing! He often acts like a big kid climbing around on equipment, swinging back & forth on a large hanging lamp, crowd-surfing, etc. He drinks wine straight from the bottle on stage & even makes trips down into the crowd to pour wine for people! He does incredible covers of songs most people wouldn't dare try to replicate including tracks originally by Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Neil Young & The Who. He & Pearl Jam don't stop playing until the venue shuts them down. 

Eddie worries about & tries his best to protect his fans. When it looked like someone was in trouble in the crowd on Sunday night & that person was escorted by security to somewhere away from the main floor, Eddie asked everyone to enjoy an extended electric guitar solo while he left the stage for several minutes to go check on the person. I also heard he kicked a rowdy concert-goer out of the show completely on Satruday night because the asshole was causing such a disruption.

Eddie Vedder is the epitome of ROCK STAR. He is 1 of THE most talented, charismatic, consistently relevent & genuinely honorable musicians I've ever been lucky enough to see perform live.

Last Sunday night was only my 2nd Pearl Jam show ever (the 1st was 5 years ago at Outside Lands) & I now realize why there are people who follow them all over the country. 3+ hours, 33 songs (including the song George wanted to hear most, Daughter, the song I wanted to hear most, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, & 5 amazing covers) & it still didn't feel like enough. I guess there's no getting enough of Pearl Jam live. I hope I get to see them again &/or Eddie perform solo because I'm obsessed.



Mother (Pink Floyd cover)

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