Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Fang by Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks

David Portner of Animal Collective's (who occasionally performs solo as Avey Tare) has formed a new trio called Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks with ex-Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian & former Ponytail drummer Jeremy Hyman. On April 8th, they're set to release their debut album Enter The Slasher House.

Their adorably strange & trippy video for the single Little Fang (directed by Portner’s sister, Abby Portner) is getting me extra excited to hear the rest of the album. The Little Fang puppet (created by the visual effects company Jim Henson’s Creature Shop) purring at the beginning of the video reminds me of my cat Cleo! :)


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